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Imagine your own hydroponics system in your own home. All your hydroponic garden needs is a good hydroponic kit, water, growing lights, seeds and nutrients. Grow vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and herbs. The professional team @ the online Hydroponics Store can assist you to make it happen. We have all the hydroponics supplies you need. When done right, you can get twice as much harvest in less time than traditional soil-and-sun outdoor gardens.

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  • nft nutrient film technique hydroponics

    The Ultimate Guide to NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) Hydroponics

    While there are a variety of different methods of growing plants hydroponically, NFT is the only one which requires a constant flow of liquid in order to feed the plants, with the roots of the plants hanging down into the stream as if they were dipping their toes in a stream as it flows by. […]

  • a beginners guide hydroponic nutrients

    A Beginners Guide: Hydroponic Nutrients

    Hydroponic Nutrients So there are 16 plant nutrients, umm technically, right? We’ve got carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and these are the things that are supplied by CO2, by oxygen and by water, right? And they’re often times left off the list, uhh, you know you don’t have to supply these. Of course, you have to supply […]

  • best hydroponic kit systems

    Three Ways to Grow with Hydroponic Kit Systems

    Hydroponic Systems Hey guys say we are talking about every type of hydroponic systems. There strengths and there weaknesses. If you are thinking about getting into hydroponics, the goal of this video is to talk about and let you guys know about each and every type of hydroponic system, so you know which system works […]