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Showing all 7 results

Hydroponic grow lamps

Hydroponic grow lamps come in 4 different types: high-intensity discharge, fluorescent, plasma, and LED.

High-intensity discharge lights are the most popular type of grow light, as these growing lighting systems are extremely efficient and provide intense light that closely resembles the sun.

Fluorescent grow lamps are great for propagating seeds and early growth. Unlike high powered MH bulbs, there is no chance of fluorescent bulbs burning sensitive seedlings or cuttings.

Plasma and LED are the two newest types of grow lamps that have now become extremely popular. Plasma bulbs, are more efficient that standard HID lights and can give up to 50% savings on expensive electricity costs.

We Highly Recommend LED grow lights

LED grow lights, are less costly than plasma lights, but offer similar benefits. They can last through 5 or 6 growing cycles without any loss of intensity, unlike HIDs which need to be replaced after every 2 growing cycles.